Letter from a Devoted Searcher

Lindsey, sweetie. I wish so much that you could be home. I think of you everyday and wonder where you are and what I could possibly do to help you get home. Please be safe.


This Song Makes Me Think of You - Kayla

Lindsey This Song makes me think of you!
Your BFF,

Welcome to Letters For Lindsey Baum

Here on this site we will be featuring letters of love and support to Lindsey Baum. If you would like to contribute a letter for Lindsey Baum or even a poem, prayer or any other writings please email them in to contact@findlindseybaum.com with "Lindsey Letter" in the subject line and we will feature it here.

Letter Guidelines

Please be sure to include your name or the "name" that you would like published with your letter. If you choose not to leave a name please at least include the city and state that you are from or your letter will most likely not be posted.

Keep in mind that these are letters to a missing child and that people of all ages will be reading this blog and that no letters will be posted should they include any negativity towards the family or friends of Lindsey Baum.

Lindsey's Video

Lindsey Baum Missing 10 Yr Old

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Letter From Mommy

To my little Angel Lindsey Jo Baum

Hello Baby, its Mommy. It’s been 46 days since you were stolen from me, I miss you so much, and I can’t breathe. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again and never let you go! My heart is shattered and my soul is empty without you! Josh misses you so much, he cries every night. I think about you and talk to you all the time, even in my dreams. You are constantly on my mind, I haven’t been to work since you’ve been gone, I spend all my time looking for you and we won’t stop until we find you!

I haven’t read anymore of the Chamber of Secrets, I am waiting till you come home to read it with me. We haven’t gone to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, we are waiting for you to come home and go together like we planned. When you get home we are going to have the biggest Birthday/Welcome Home party that anyone has ever seen! And that is a PROMISE!

I keep hoping you will get a chance to call me and tell me where you are, or call 911 so they can trace it and find where you are. You are such a smart and wonderful girl, don’t you ever forget that! You are loved by so many people and people all over the world are praying for you to come home safe. We set up 2 websites for you; www.findlindseybaum.com and www.lindseybaum.com . You won’t believe how many people visit them. You’ve been all over the TV and newspapers too. Hold on Baby Girl and don’t forget that I love you more than anything in this world!!! I WILL FIND YOU!!!!

Love forever,

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