Your Forever Guardian

Dearest Lindsey,
I have never been able to meet you, but i know alot about you and could spot you in a dark crowd since working to find you. We have sweatshirts with your picture on them, that we wear during the searches. One of my biggest challenges is keeping it clean because i wear it everywhere and i will continue to wear it until you are safe in your moms arms again.
At eleven years old, you should be talking about boys, makeup, tv shows, music and of course twilight. It tears me up to know that you are not enjoying this time in your life. I have seen you mom slowly break down and yet, she gets up everyday, puts on your sweatshirt and goes at it again. Lindsey, we need you home. you need to be home. Josh is driving your mom crazy! and he needs you to be home so you can pick on him!

At night, when my babies are tucked in bed, i quietly cry for you. Now, keep in mind, im a big biker woman and yes, you bring tears to my eyes every day. I look at my kids and pray you will be able to meet them. Everyone says you are a very strong willed girl. I hope that is helping you survive right now. babygirl, please, do whatever they say so you can stay alive. we are getting close! Just keep listening for us to yell your name and know that we wont give up until you are home!

you have so many people out here looking for you! And you are definately "famous". did you know, you were on Oprah? girl! OPRAH! amazing! and i bet when you get home, she will have you come to her studio and you can meet her.

I am rambling. I'm sorry. Just know that we are searching for you everyday! there isnt a day that goes by that someone isn't researching, hiking or somehow searching for you. stay strong!!! and if you can get away, call 911!! don't worry about anything else! we can get you thru everything else. just get home! we love you Lindsey!
until we meet,
Guardians of the Children
Mt. St. Helens Chapter
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