Your Forever Guardian

Dearest Lindsey,
I have never been able to meet you, but i know alot about you and could spot you in a dark crowd since working to find you. We have sweatshirts with your picture on them, that we wear during the searches. One of my biggest challenges is keeping it clean because i wear it everywhere and i will continue to wear it until you are safe in your moms arms again.
At eleven years old, you should be talking about boys, makeup, tv shows, music and of course twilight. It tears me up to know that you are not enjoying this time in your life. I have seen you mom slowly break down and yet, she gets up everyday, puts on your sweatshirt and goes at it again. Lindsey, we need you home. you need to be home. Josh is driving your mom crazy! and he needs you to be home so you can pick on him!

At night, when my babies are tucked in bed, i quietly cry for you. Now, keep in mind, im a big biker woman and yes, you bring tears to my eyes every day. I look at my kids and pray you will be able to meet them. Everyone says you are a very strong willed girl. I hope that is helping you survive right now. babygirl, please, do whatever they say so you can stay alive. we are getting close! Just keep listening for us to yell your name and know that we wont give up until you are home!

you have so many people out here looking for you! And you are definately "famous". did you know, you were on Oprah? girl! OPRAH! amazing! and i bet when you get home, she will have you come to her studio and you can meet her.

I am rambling. I'm sorry. Just know that we are searching for you everyday! there isnt a day that goes by that someone isn't researching, hiking or somehow searching for you. stay strong!!! and if you can get away, call 911!! don't worry about anything else! we can get you thru everything else. just get home! we love you Lindsey!
until we meet,
Guardians of the Children
Mt. St. Helens Chapter

I Remember When...


Wow, its been a long time since you have been home. I will never forget the day that I got a call from the officer on my phone. I had tried calling your mom the night before, the day you went missing, and your mom was looking for you. She didn't answer, because she was searching all over town for you. Everywhere she could think of! She hasn't gave up either. She's still looking for you and your mom never will give up till you come home.

Over the past several months I've prayed for you each and everyday. I know that God is watching over you and protecting you, no matter where you are. The memories of you being little just flood back. Like the day I went with your mom to pick y'all up from daycare at Madigan daycare center. I remember that you were so excited to see your mom! You were so excited to go home, that when the door was open you ran straight for the car. I remember going to Mcdonalds with y'all and going to the zoo. I remember how excited you were sitting in the grass picking little white flowers. How you and Josh wanted to climb on the bronze statues and take pictures. I also remember the day I was getting ready to leave Ft. Lewis, I came over to your house to see y'all one last time. I took pictures of Josh and you together, in front of your dads little truck. You were so excited to show me the nightgown that you had gotten that you put it on over your clothes. I have the picture hanging on my mirror, you are still as beautiful of a girl as you were then. The hair has changed from blonde to brown, but your smile and eyes still have that twinkle in them.

Moms, right LJ, just call 911 when you have the chance, Call her she's waiting for you! Cadence is waiting for you! Josh is waiting for you! Your aunts and Uncles and Cousins are waiting for you! I'm waiting to hear your voice on the line too, Like I have heard so many times before! I'm waiting to hear your text message ring come through on the line! Hurry Home!! Your a Cav baby Linds and you'll never be left behind!!


I want to believe in Magic ~ Jen P.

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Dearest Lindsey:
when I was a young girl at your age, I wanted to believe in magic. I wanted to believe that if I wished hard enough, I could grow wings and fly. I wandered fields and forest paths in search of fairies. I looked for hidden staircases, secret treasures and forgotten castles. It didn’t even have to be good magic- I was all for werewolves, vampires and gargoyles that came to life.

When I was older, I read books and stories. And there are plenty out there that involve a princess being swisked away to a far off tower in the dark woods. But you are no story, Lindsey. You are not a little girl that simply vanished in the summer sunlight. You exist more than just in my mind and your mother’s heart. And we will do all that we can to bring you home.

I wish for people to read this and to realize what happened to you isn’t just a story. This isn’t a tale to shake your head over and say, “Oh what a shame; this breaks my heart” and then to move on and forget. Your mother, brother and family miss you and love you so much and that won’t ever fade. As days go by, your family needs even more the help of those around them, to care and to help find you, because you simply didn’t vanish. Your family is waiting for you. Your toothbrush still sits in the bathroom, your socks are still on the floor… your curtains are how you left them to get the sun out of your face and you probably have a stray shoe waiting for you under the couch.

It has been four months since you have been gone and you are still real, Lindsey. You belong in your warm bed and at the dinner table with your family. You should be arguing with your brother over who gets the front seat and when your bedtime is.

I want you to be with your family and enjoy your life with them. I want you to come home, Lindsey. I want to believe in magic.
~Jen Page

Letter from a Devoted Searcher

Lindsey, sweetie. I wish so much that you could be home. I think of you everyday and wonder where you are and what I could possibly do to help you get home. Please be safe.


This Song Makes Me Think of You - Kayla

Lindsey This Song makes me think of you!
Your BFF,

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Lindsey's Video

Lindsey Baum Missing 10 Yr Old

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Letter From Mommy

To my little Angel Lindsey Jo Baum

Hello Baby, its Mommy. It’s been 46 days since you were stolen from me, I miss you so much, and I can’t breathe. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again and never let you go! My heart is shattered and my soul is empty without you! Josh misses you so much, he cries every night. I think about you and talk to you all the time, even in my dreams. You are constantly on my mind, I haven’t been to work since you’ve been gone, I spend all my time looking for you and we won’t stop until we find you!

I haven’t read anymore of the Chamber of Secrets, I am waiting till you come home to read it with me. We haven’t gone to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, we are waiting for you to come home and go together like we planned. When you get home we are going to have the biggest Birthday/Welcome Home party that anyone has ever seen! And that is a PROMISE!

I keep hoping you will get a chance to call me and tell me where you are, or call 911 so they can trace it and find where you are. You are such a smart and wonderful girl, don’t you ever forget that! You are loved by so many people and people all over the world are praying for you to come home safe. We set up 2 websites for you; and . You won’t believe how many people visit them. You’ve been all over the TV and newspapers too. Hold on Baby Girl and don’t forget that I love you more than anything in this world!!! I WILL FIND YOU!!!!

Love forever,

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