I Remember When...


Wow, its been a long time since you have been home. I will never forget the day that I got a call from the officer on my phone. I had tried calling your mom the night before, the day you went missing, and your mom was looking for you. She didn't answer, because she was searching all over town for you. Everywhere she could think of! She hasn't gave up either. She's still looking for you and your mom never will give up till you come home.

Over the past several months I've prayed for you each and everyday. I know that God is watching over you and protecting you, no matter where you are. The memories of you being little just flood back. Like the day I went with your mom to pick y'all up from daycare at Madigan daycare center. I remember that you were so excited to see your mom! You were so excited to go home, that when the door was open you ran straight for the car. I remember going to Mcdonalds with y'all and going to the zoo. I remember how excited you were sitting in the grass picking little white flowers. How you and Josh wanted to climb on the bronze statues and take pictures. I also remember the day I was getting ready to leave Ft. Lewis, I came over to your house to see y'all one last time. I took pictures of Josh and you together, in front of your dads little truck. You were so excited to show me the nightgown that you had gotten that you put it on over your clothes. I have the picture hanging on my mirror, you are still as beautiful of a girl as you were then. The hair has changed from blonde to brown, but your smile and eyes still have that twinkle in them.

Moms, right LJ, just call 911 when you have the chance, Call her she's waiting for you! Cadence is waiting for you! Josh is waiting for you! Your aunts and Uncles and Cousins are waiting for you! I'm waiting to hear your voice on the line too, Like I have heard so many times before! I'm waiting to hear your text message ring come through on the line! Hurry Home!! Your a Cav baby Linds and you'll never be left behind!!



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