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Here on this site we will be featuring letters of love and support to Lindsey Baum. If you would like to contribute a letter for Lindsey Baum or even a poem, prayer or any other writings please email them in to contact@findlindseybaum.com with "Lindsey Letter" in the subject line and we will feature it here.

Letter Guidelines

Please be sure to include your name or the "name" that you would like published with your letter. If you choose not to leave a name please at least include the city and state that you are from or your letter will most likely not be posted.

Keep in mind that these are letters to a missing child and that people of all ages will be reading this blog and that no letters will be posted should they include any negativity towards the family or friends of Lindsey Baum.


GloryRevealed said...

From Glory Revealed:
To the Family. You keep having faith. I believe that God can do all things and know that I will be praying for her return. Hold on to HOPE and FAITH! My heart is Heavy and I am going to pray daily and just ask God to give you all wisdom as you search for your precious baby. If I could come and search, God knows I would. But, I'm here in TN praying and I am also watching. I will keep your daughter in my prayer and at church. I will set my calendar to get updates. We must say daily- Lindsey is Alive and God will bring her home to you- I know some say, well expect the worse, but WE AS PARENTS CAN NEVER GIVE UP ON OUR BABIES!! I must sign off now because I am so sadden by this! Don't stop praying, don't stop believing and know we in TN are praying!!

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