I want to believe in Magic ~ Jen P.

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Dearest Lindsey:
when I was a young girl at your age, I wanted to believe in magic. I wanted to believe that if I wished hard enough, I could grow wings and fly. I wandered fields and forest paths in search of fairies. I looked for hidden staircases, secret treasures and forgotten castles. It didn’t even have to be good magic- I was all for werewolves, vampires and gargoyles that came to life.

When I was older, I read books and stories. And there are plenty out there that involve a princess being swisked away to a far off tower in the dark woods. But you are no story, Lindsey. You are not a little girl that simply vanished in the summer sunlight. You exist more than just in my mind and your mother’s heart. And we will do all that we can to bring you home.

I wish for people to read this and to realize what happened to you isn’t just a story. This isn’t a tale to shake your head over and say, “Oh what a shame; this breaks my heart” and then to move on and forget. Your mother, brother and family miss you and love you so much and that won’t ever fade. As days go by, your family needs even more the help of those around them, to care and to help find you, because you simply didn’t vanish. Your family is waiting for you. Your toothbrush still sits in the bathroom, your socks are still on the floor… your curtains are how you left them to get the sun out of your face and you probably have a stray shoe waiting for you under the couch.

It has been four months since you have been gone and you are still real, Lindsey. You belong in your warm bed and at the dinner table with your family. You should be arguing with your brother over who gets the front seat and when your bedtime is.

I want you to be with your family and enjoy your life with them. I want you to come home, Lindsey. I want to believe in magic.
~Jen Page


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Bless It Be....

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